Today I wallpapered my fridge ...


A child free day .... What to do?  Well, this is me and if in doubt I will invevitably do the ridiculous - I tried sublime once and it just wasn't for me.  My philosophy has always been - just do it and deal with the consequences afterwards.  This philosophy has understandably landed me in a fair amount of trouble, but also a surprising amount of joy.  Today I wallpapered the fridge.  My poor long suffering children said it was a terrible idea, oh how wrong they were.  What was the worst that could happen?  If, in fact it turned out to be a terrible idea, it's just wallpaper and can be ripped off and never spoken about again.  There have been many occasions in my life when the metaphorical paper has been ripped off and convienently forgotten .... until the next time I have a 'brilliant' idea and then all the previous terrible paper is used as a reason for restraint!  Telling me no does not work, it just makes me more determined and as it happens telling me that wallpapering the fridge is a daft idea was extremely short sighted of my nearest and dearest.  My fridge looks fantastic and compliments the cupboard doors perfectly. In the interest of full disclosure below is pictorial evidence that one can very successfully paint cupboard doors whatever colour, or indeed, colours that takes ones fancy.  

BloggerImage BloggerImage

Life is about moments and it's about creating memories so that in years to come we remember the moments.  

Have you seen the meme, I think that's what it's called, it says "When I'm old I don't want people to say what a sweet old lady, I want them to say, what the f£&@k is she doing now" - that's me!  I don't want my family to remember that I had an illness that made me fall over and loose my words, I want them to remember that I hung chandeliers in the bathroom and wallpapered the fridge and I want them to remember that I was happy.

So to finish here is a decorating analogy - In life there will always be magnolia walls, this is fine, they create a base and a stability.  Once you have your base it is then safe to wallpaper your fridge and add some spice .... 

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