Chemical Free Cleaning with Natural Cleaning Wipes Recipe

I recently started eliminating chemicals from my home.  I could give you the spiel about it being healthier for me and my family (it is) - kinder to the environment (again, true) - but the best reason is that it is so much cheaper ....

If you take a look at the back of your kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, carpet cleaner, window cleaner etc etc etc, chances are that most of the ingredients are the same - The companies making these products just tell you that you need a whole cupboard full of bottles and sprays - isn't marketing great?

It's the same with cosmetics.  Back in the day when I was writing  lifestyle articles for women's magazines, I interviewed a dermatologist for a skin care piece, he told me that it didn't really matter whether you used a £50 or £5 face cream.  Actually, his recommendation was for the cheaper cream!  
So, today with the production of some heart shaped dishwasher tablets, my home became chemical free.  I had already made a washing powder to use on whites when the soap nuts need a bit more ooomph, toilet cleaner tablets and multi purpose cleaning wipes.  I am not a natural housekeeper and quite frankly I would rather be doing, well, anything else other than cleaning, but my new products have given me a new energy.  Im not sure if its because I have made the products myself and the initial excitement will wear off shortly or maybe its because the homemade products don't make me gag or bring me out in a rash.  Whatever it is, my home has never been cleaner and it takes very little effort.

My absolute favourite at the moment are my cleaning wipes - maybe not completely eco friendly as the use a packet of baby wipes, but certainly effective and convenient.

You will need:

Packet of cheap baby wipes
Empty ice cream tub
white vinegar  (I use apple cider vinegar as it smells better)
rubbing alcohol
a few drops of dish soap (I don't have a homemade one so am using an eco friendly brand)
essential oil (citrus works best)

Fill the tub about quarter way up with vinegar add a splash of rubbing alcohol a few drops of dish soap and 10ish drops of oil.  put the baby wipes into the tub and press down so that the mixture soaks through (you may need to add some more vinegar if its a bit dry).

And there you have it - wipes that can be used all round the house from bathrooms to floors and even glass. When using on glass - wipe off with a soft cloth to avoid streaks.  The vinegar is magic on limescale in the bathroom!

I am still very new to this and tweaking my recipes to suit my needs and my hard water.  I will post more recipes as I go along but on this occasion, Google is your friend.  There are so many blogs with recipes from far more experienced people than myself ...