New Year - Still The Old Me!

It's that time of year when the internet erupts with posts on New Year resolutions.  A never ending parade of self styled gurus touting their messages.  

New Year - New You
10 ways to make and keep your New Years Resolutions
5 ways to make this your best year ever ....

Can anyone guess my thoughts on this?  Whilst you have a think about that, I am going to remove all my clothes and run up the road proclaiming armageddon ....

So, having just put incredible pressure on ourselves and our bank accounts to create the perfect Christmas, we now plan to put even more incredible pressure on ourselves to do the impossible, at the most depressing time of the year.

Lets just dissect this lunacy into its component parts

The steely resolve and enthusiasm fuelled by buckets of cheap champagne, wears off about the same time as we return to work and resume the relentless monotony that is everyday life, without tinsel and a myriad of bearded gentlemen shouting HO HO HO.

January is one of the darkest months of the year both emotionally and physically.  The days are short and the weather is at its coldest.  Personally, when its cold I am hard pushed to function beyond feeding myself, checking that the radiators are still working and stopping the dog from stealing my blanket.  Getting my shizzle together to go to the gym, is quite frankly, complete madness.  As for the other popular resolution of loosing 10 stone in a month?  Well, consider this .... food is fuel, our bodies need fuel to keep warm.  So why in the name of all things pink and sparkly would anyone choose this time of year to go on a 'lets not eat anything that our body needs' diet?

Financially, January is the longest month of the year - not the best time to add the pressure of becoming a millionaire by March!

On a serious note, there is a science behind my ramblings.  I was after all a therapist before the universe gifted me with the time to spout my opinions all over the internet (and to anyone who will listen to me in the Sainsbury cafe).

The dark days of January and February do have an effect on our psychological wellbeing.  Its not just people with SAD that feel the effects, most of us will feel it on some level.  Its the time of year when our immune systems and our emotional strength are at their lowest.  Putting extra pressure on ourselves is just self destructive.  We set ourselves up to fail and our self confidence is knocked, our motivation is lost and the thing that we wanted to do is written off as un achievable.

I have no objection, in principal, to making resolutions - In my own little world I do what ever seems like a good idea at any given moment and if it goes horribly wrong I resolve never to do that again!

There is a bright side to my ramblings - I am 100% sure that the thing that you wanted to do is actually achievable.  It just needs to be broken down into achievable chunks.

Ask yourself - what can I do TODAY (tomorrow is another entity) to help me reach my goal?

It may not be the best time of year to get up at 4am to go to the gym before work, but you could fit in 10 mins to enthusiastically dance to your favourite song or look for a yoga video on youtube that would suit you.  Ease yourself gently in to your new routine and by spring when the whole world feels a bit more optimistic, maybe step it up to a nice walk in the forrest.

I could go on with the examples but its nearly time for my nap!   All I am saying is be nice to yourself, do things at an achievable pace.  Remember the story about a Hare and a tortoise? Be the tortoise .......