The easiest peanut and chocolate cookies

Having recently cut gluten and dairy out of my diet I have been experimenting with food.  I am not a natural cook, nor do I particularly enjoy cooking, although I seem to have grown some very large sons despite this.

So this is the recipe that I tweaked for easy peanut cookies.  You may notice that I have added chocolate spread to the ingredients they taste great but by substituting half the peanut butter for chocolate spread, I have introduced dairy into the recipe. Ooops!  In my defence, I am still on a learning curve and I do love chocolate ...

Mix together

3 large overloaded spoons of peanut butter
3 large overloaded spoons of chocolate spread
2 spoons of sugar
1 small egg

spoon on to a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper either in dollops or as a thick layer

cook at a medium heat for about 20 mins

let cool


I have no idea on the calorie content, 
but I would suggest that they would not be on the good food list! 

NB. the egg is not strictly dairy free either and can be substituted with a few spoons of chick pea water if you are on a strict no dairy diet