Up with the Lark? - you're 'aving a lark!

photo credit: dreamstime.com
I am not a morning person, never have been.  Back in the days when I had to get up and commute to work, I resembled a zombie until lunchtime.  I did have a job where I worked afternoons and nights, that suited me just fine, but after a while even my body clock started to complain about lack of sunlight and ultimately lack of sleep.  The past 9 years working for myself and commuting to whichever part of the house is my current office, suits me perfectly.

The subject of sleep has become a sore point lately, I don't sleep well and therefore mornings are becoming more difficult.  This is a problem when there are children that need to get up for school.  School is a 2 minute walk from home and the children can do that alone.  So, we only need a 1/2 hour turnaround to get children out of door - up, dressed, inhale cereal, hair, shoes, out the door.  But even that is pushing it a bit if I am struggling to get out of bed.  I need time to come round and time to get my body online (some mornings it takes a while before I can actually move my limbs).

It is important to me that I get up every day and stay up, I may nap on the sofa but I never go back to bed.  In my mind if I went back to bed that would make me an ill person and I am not ill, I just have an extremely annoying chronic condition that I have to accommodate in my life.  In fact most of the time I just throw a rug over it and pretend its not there!

So, I needed a plan to get me out of bed with the least amount of fuss and pain ...

1.   I try to get a good sleep

Believe it or not listening to space sounds (white noise) has helped me drop off to sleep and stay asleep - may be psychological, but its working.  I do still wake up with pain or needing to go to the toilet but this is happening less.

2.  A wake up lamp

It wakes me up using light that mimics sun rise over a 1/2hr period and plays  birdsong.  First couple of mornings I just slept through it!  I am not sure if its the light or the fact that I am getting a better sleep, but it is certainly a very gentle way to wake up.  I would recommend it but I do think you need to give your body a few days to tune in to it so set another alarm for first few days.

3.   A coffee machine

I do not function without coffee.  I do not want to be in the world before I have coffee.  It is only the fact that coffee exists that my children survive.  I have had this little one cup coffee machine for a while, it sits on the dresser next to my bed and as long as I remember to set it up the night before, all I have to do is reach over press the button and wait 4 minutes for my coffee.  Its genius - coffee in bed!

4.   Set alarm 1/2 earlier

This is the important bit - In order for me to come to slowly, whilst drinking coffee and browsing the morning headlines on my kindle newspaper, I need to wake up earlier.  That extra 1/2 hour means that I go into the day with less stress both mentally and physically.

Maybe not for everyone, but this works for me .... most mornings!