Our Top Tip for Insomnia, Hearing Loss, Tinitis or just Relaxing .... Speaker Pillows

For those of us with Chronic illness, falling asleep is often difficult.  The spiral then begins as our bodies are so busy fighting fatigue that we do not have the energy to be as well as we could be.

Many people like to listen as they relax in bed, whether it's to their favourite album, a teach-yourself language course, an audio book or simply some relaxing ambient sounds to help them drift off. 

I have some hearing loss which means that depending on which ear I lay on, I cannot hear a radio or an audio app on my phone.  Having the speaker in the pillow is like magic and has certainly helped me to relax whilst listening to my favourite programme or drift off listening to space sounds!

Well, now you don't have to wear headphones to do so - with the risk that they'll wake you up if you drift off - as you can simply plug a Soundasleep pillow into any 3.5mm stereo socket and let the sound wash over you from the pillow beneath your head.

It's so cleverly designed that there's no need for a high volume that will keep your partner awake, and the high quality hollowfibre filling ensures that you'll never know there's a speaker beneath your head. Many tinnitus sufferers choose the Soundasleep pillow, as soft background noise at the right frequency will often reduce the ringing effect in their ears, while many people who find it hard to relax now use their smartphones to lull them to sleep with relaxing music or ambient sounds - and then wake them gently in the morning with the same soothing sounds.

Or you could make a customised speaker pillow using a speaker unit and your favourite pillow for a fraction of the cost.

You could even put a speaker unit inside a neck pillow for relaxing in your armchair or travelling in the car.