5 tips to make housework less overwhelming

Household chores are the number one cause of depression in people with chronic illness.

This is a bold statement, which I am not sure I can back up with actual statistics, but in my experience and that of people that I have spoken to,  living in a mess that you do not have the energy to tackle just gets us down, more than anything else.

The old adage about a tidy house and a tidy mind is true.  Our homes should be a place of rest and healing, if we are constantly fighting with our environment, we are unable to be as well as we could be.

If you find that your household chores pile up more quickly than you can check them off a list, perhaps it is time for a re-evaluation of your current cleaning plan. With a few simple adjustments, you will find yourself getting a lot more done in less time.

Use a timer

Who doesn’t work faster when the clock is ticking? This idea just puts everything in perspective and will keep you from wasting time or getting sidetracked. You will be amazed how much you can get done in a short amount of time.

Take ten to de-clutter

Designate ten minutes each day to de-cluttering your home, and you will soon begin to see a significant difference in its appearance and begin to feel more in control. Do this twice a day, morning and evening, to see the clutter disappear and make other tasks seem less overwhelming. 

Keep up with daily tasks

There are some household chores that need to be done daily. The rubbish can really pile up if you don’t stay on top of it, and nothing is worse than coming home in the evening and smelling the bins that you should have already taken care of.  

When you have finished with your morning routine, wipe down the bathroom sink and shower and leave them sparkling. If you make this a habit every day, your bathroom will always be immaculate, and you won’t have to stress when company unexpectedly stops by. 

Also, establish a routine for cleaning responsibilities. Do one load of laundry every morning. Clean out the car every Friday. Figure out what system works best for you to get things done and stick with it. 

Focus on a new room each week for a thorough cleaning

Spotlight one room each week and take some time every day to give that room a really good cleaning. Wipe down the walls, clean out drawers, and wash light fixtures, curtains, and windows. If you space these tasks out over the course a week, you will be able to get the entire room thoroughly clean. No spring cleaning pressures for you! 

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons many people become more and more overwhelmed with their home cleaning tasks. The more these chores are allowed to build up over time, the harder they will be to tackle, and the less you will want to do them. 

De-clutter your home each day and allow yourself a little indulgence once you have completed daily cleaning tasks. Don’t push yourself too hard, but make it a priority to do daily chores and you will be much happier and more relaxed for it.