The Stop. Breathe. Go. Method

The Stop Breathe Go Method

The Stop. Breathe. Go. Method should be applied to everything you do, say and think. Its like ninja mindfulness.

Not only will it help you to live more quietly, it will also keep you out of trouble, especially if you are prone to overreacting.

It is also a useful technique for anyone coping with anxiety or other conditions that cause 'fuzzy brain' or limited energy.

It really is the most simple technique - all you have to do is stare into space. The idea is to take an intentional pause between tasks or thoughts.

You may clean the bathroom and then have a cup of tea before you tackle the kitchen, but do you make that break count or are you stressing about what else you need to do? An intentional pause is one where you clear your mind of what comes next and allow your mind and body to catch up. Break tasks up into small chunks and relax yourself in between. Making lists will help with the 'what comes next' narrative in your head. Just let go and breathe.

Applying the method to your thought process is a little more tricky. In situations of high emotion or stress, it is easy to say something that you will regret later. Or something that causes your mind to become restless.

Before you speak, take a breath, it only takes a few seconds to mentally calculate the outcomes of your response.

In a more general way, this method can be used to decide if what you are going to do is of real value to you. Is it really worth your time and energy to respond to someone posting rubbish on social media? Will it change anything? Probably not. What it will do is niggle at you all day and affect your peace of mind. Do you really need to say yes to that thing that you are just too bone tired to be bothered with? Maybe if you had taken a breath before you answered, you would have said no and be getting the rest you need.

We make bad decisions every day because we are always responding instinctively. We live our lives reacting without thinking, because that is the way that we have always reacted. Its is probably time to change that …

Practice the Stop. Breathe. Go. Method in everything you do today and see what a difference it makes. Practice it in everything you do for the next couple of weeks and it will become instinctive. A new instinctive action that will help you to live more quietly in the world and all its noise.