4 Ways to Waste Time Effectively and Why You Should

4 Ways to Waste Time Effectively

By Margaret Bligdon-Boyt
Editor in Chief 

As a society, we do not spend enough time doing nothing. So here are some thoughts on purposeful time wasting. 4 ways to waste time effectively and why you should.

How many hours per week do you really spend taking a real lunch break or switching off?
When was the last time that you allowed yourself time to just switch off  and 'float'?
What do you do for you?
When do you have time to daydream?

Relaxation of the mind is essential. Have a break, just some time to stare out of the window or wander around the house aimlessly rearranging things. Your mind needs to 'travel'.

Many an answer to a tough problem has been found whilst walking the dog or doing a mundane task. When you clear your mind of all the tedium, new ideas and thoughts are free to grow.

It is also really important for mental and physical health to give the brain some down time

Whilst you are at at your desk or elsewhere, stressing about whatever, your brain is becoming overloaded and your body is producing stress hormones. Stress hormones, if allowed to linger, will eventually lead to a number of physical ailments. As your physical and mental health are interdependent, it is essential to employ countermeasures.

Take care of yourself

Take time out and do whatever you need to, in order to feel that you are actually loving and taking care of yourself. I know 'taking care of you' and 'me time' are the new buzz words and obviously capitalised on with companies and individuals trying to sell you 'me time' and the tools with which to 'take care of you'. But, things like taking a relaxing bath rather than taking a quick shower are actually quite decadent. Taking the dog for a walk in the middle of the working day costs nothing but time and I would expect you to make that up in renewed vigour and efficiency.

 Remember your interests

What are your interests and hobbies? If you used to play the guitar, maybe it’s about time to start over again! Pick something that you were interested in doing but think you are too busy for. Think about how alive and excited that it used to make you feel. Still too busy?


You can do this through the internet and social media (because you are soooo busy), but there is no substitute for real human contact. Take part in something from donating your time to a charity organisation, to learning a new skill. By sharing ideas, feelings and experiences with others you develop your emotional fitness and stress hates that!

Just do nothing

Don't even meditate. Just watch the birds out of the window, touch all the trees in your garden or perhaps, just sit with your forehead on the table.

Happy, healthy people take the time out to do the things that people with ulcers and other stress related illnesses consider a waste of time .....

4 Ways to Waste Time Effectively