Living Quietly Magazine Needs People

When I first came up with the crazy idea that I would launch a magazine, I had 3 coherent thoughts -

1.  I had brought myself back to health by living quietly - there must be other people who have or would like to do the same.  Not just people who have illness, but people who want to look after their wellbeing and avoid physical and mental health issues too.

2.  I have always wanted to be an Editor in Chief of a glossy magazine - albeit, in my dream I have a corner office overlooking New York, I suppose my little summer house in the garden works just as well.

3.  I can do it all myself ..... Yes OK, I know, you can stop laughing now.

So!  Idea no.3 is not my greatest plan.  Even before my brain broke it would have been a terrible idea.  

This is a passion project for me and as so I am funding it from my personal finances.  I am absolutely committed to paying people what they are worth but the pot, at the moment, is not huge.  I will need to add people and increase fees as the budget grows.

If you think that you can help the magazine grow, please get in touch.

I particularly need -

Social Media Experts
Advertising sales 
Copy Editors/Beta Readers
Graphic Designers

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you



  1. Hi Margaret
    I’m a graphic designer and am interested in helping. I’ve got 30 years experience and their isn’t much I haven’t done. Let me know what assistance I can be.
    Best Wishes J


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