Tired, Achy and Swollen Legs? Try These Helpful Tips

Fran Brown
Guest Expert

There are many reasons why you may experience tired, achy and swollen legs. These symptoms can be made worse in very hot weather if you are not drinking enough water to compensate for the increased perspiration and if your salt intake is not enough to cope with the changes. 

This is especially relevant at the moment in the UK as we are experiencing a continuing heat wave. Our bodies are just not used to coping with such extreme high temperatures over such a long period of time. Our work places are often not air conditioned. This is even more important if you are exercising too in these conditions.

5 Reasons Why Your Legs Are Tired, Achy and Swollen:

1. People who stand a lot in their work. This can cause swelling and pain in the lower limbs due to lack of circulation.

2. People who sit a lot without moving for hours on end. This can cause swelling and pain in the lower limbs due to lack of circulation.

3. Wearing high heels, shoes with tight straps or even flips-flops, loose-fitting shoes and sandals which all put more strain on the feet and lower leg muscles.

4. Not drinking enough water

5. Not consuming enough natural salt and/or magnesium in our diet.

5 Top Tips That May Help:

1. Try to move around and change position regularly or go for a walk if you are static at work.

2. Elevate your feet when resting. It is best to lie on your back with your feet and lower legs elevated (on a chair for example)

3. Epsom salt bath. The magnesium in Epsom salts helps the muscles to relax, reduces inflammation thus relieving pain and muscle cramps.

4. Ensure you drink plenty of still water (not carbonated) and ensure your salt intake is sufficient for the amount of exercise you are doing.

5. Some stretching is important too in the lower body to get the circulation going; calves, hamstrings (back of thighs), quadriceps (front of thighs), hip flexors. Also massaging the feet by rolling them on a tennis ball or similar is very beneficial.

Including the above tips regularly should ensure your tired, achy and swollen legs return to normal.

Fran Brown is an Entrepreneur living in Berkhamsted who has been in the fitness industry for over 37 years.  She is the Creator of ‘The Fran Brown Pilates Method’ and Costa Calida Spanish Holidays (Pilates & Yoga Activity Holidays in Spain) as featured in the Daily Mail.