Is it Time to Stop Reacting to Everything and Just Let Some Things Go?

Is it time to stop reacting to everything?

By Margaret Bligdon-Boyt
Editor in Chief

Have you ever sat in a waiting room full of strangers, quietly listening to everything going on around you?
Can you sit really still, as if to be invisible, so that you can keep listening to the conversations and the gossip that interest you? This is a skill that is essential to living quietly.

You may have been physically still in the waiting room, but it's a mental stillness that we need to practice in order to live quietly.

It is the art of being aware of everything that is going on and choosing what to react to. In a room full of strangers who are not interacting with us, this is easy. In a room full of people who are all giving us their thoughts and opinions, it is not so easy. Add social media to the mix, and there are a myriad of thoughts and opinions for you to react to.

Here is the thing...

You do not need to react to everything that is said or posted

People have differing opinions - that's ok. It is not our responsibility to tell everyone why they are wrong. Even if an opinion directly affects us, we can still choose whether it is a viable use of our time and energy to react.

Do we really need to explain ourselves all the time? Would giving someone with a strong opinion, our thoughts really make a difference?

How many times have you got into an argument and stewed about it for the rest of the day?  Was what you were arguing about important enough to ruin the rest of your day?

There are, of course, times when our voices should be heard and it is very much worth our time and energy to react. We just need to choose our reactions wisely.  

Is it time to stop reacting to everything?