The Great British Bake Off is Bringing the Quiet Living Ethos to Kitchens Around the Country

Jennifer Powis

As the famous big white tent will be hitting our screens in just a week's time, the new Bake Off contestants have been revealed today. We're ready and waiting for the new arrival of keen bakers, ready to embark on their journey of cakes, bread and patisserie. The Great British Bake Off is bringing the quiet living ethos to kitchens around the country, creating a movement that isn't going anywhere. 

Why is baking a wonderful way to embrace quiet living?

Baking is a great way to switch off and get some time to yourself.

Spending time measuring out ingredients, preparing the kitchen and planning how to make your next bake is the perfect way to practice mindfulness. Give your full attention to each action, from measuring to pouring, kneading to rolling out your dough.

Baking offers a way to indulge your senses through delicious smells, touching your ingredients, watching your bake rise in the oven and tasting your finished creations.

Things don't need to be rushed, tough decisions don't need to be made - dive deep into the process and enjoy watching everything coming together.

Embrace your creativity by taking inspiration from The Great British Bake Off

Being creative is a great way to help combat stress and anxiety. Baking easily allows us to get creative and The Bake Off provides a whole host of inspiration.

The judges and bakers have introduced us to such a wide variety of skills, methods, ingredient combinations, and types of cakes, desserts, breads and so much more. Let the show give you confidence to embrace your creative side and try making something completely different.

Of course, decorating your bakes is another easy way to celebrate your creative side. Whether you prefer more muted tones and classical designs, or you fancy going all out with bold colours, sparkle and ornate pieces of art, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, immerse yourself fully in the experience.

It's no wonder that The Great British Bake Off is bringing quiet living to kitchens around the country. With a popular duo of judges, a quite frankly hilarious pair of presenters and a gathering of the general public creating wonderful, and sometimes not quite so wonderful, delights, we really do have this show to thank for the revival of this much-loved hobby. Of course, being able to eat the sweet treats at the end is quite literally the cherry on top!

Featured image: Radio Times