Let’s be brave together: A poem by Angie Porter

We are so pleased that Angie Porter is going to be a regular writer for Living Quietly Magazine.  
In The October issue she shares with us a lovely essay about leaving London to live in rural |Dorset.  As well as being a talented essayist, poet and Artist, she is also an advocate for women who are looking to take back control of their lives.  

Look out for Angie's articles in the magazine and here on the website, her view on the world is thought provoking and inspirational.

Disclaimer:  The following poem does contain some well placed profanities

I just wanted to tell you sister
You are brave
You loved the unlovable
You are brave
You did the undoable
You went where the sign says ‘danger’
You are brave
Even thought the world may have told you otherwise
And you may never feel enough for this world
I want you to know
You are more than enough
You are the creative force
That bring into being
That which needs to be here
Without you we are fucked
You are brave
You are the goddess
You are the unicorn
You are the crystal
You are the rock
You are the light
The world took your light sabre
and replaced it with nice hair
and tight shoes
That will happen
But you are brave and can
Make your own weapons
I know you know how
I have seen you
You are powerful
Beyond the traffic, facebook, tv and dress size
and whatever we think the fuck matters
Go serve, be brave, and don’t take anymore shit
Let’s be brave together

Let’s be brave together
And even though I’m not there
I will always be with you
I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
We are passionate souls