Green tomatoes

4 Ideas of What to Do with Green Tomatoes

By Jennifer Powis
Lifestyle Editor

Unsure what to do with tomatoes that are still green? There are several things you can do to help them to ripen, or to use them up. Here are 4 ideas of what to do with green tomatoes.

1. Pick them and leave them to ripen

If there’s some red on your tomatoes, picking them and taking them inside the house can help them to ripen more, as tomatoes continue to ripen after being picked. The warmth of the indoors will help to increase the speed of the process.

2. Put them with bananas to ripen

Putting a ripe banana or apple alongside your picked green tomatoes can help to encourage the tomatoes to ripen. The ethylene given off by the bananas and apples is a gas that helps with ripening. A cardboard box lined with newspaper or a paper bag are great ways to try out this method.

3. Make green tomato chutney

Using your green tomatoes in a chutney recipe is a great way to reduce waste. As chutneys can keep for several months, this is a way to make your tomatoes really last. There are so many chutney recipes out there that include green tomatoes, including this Green Tomato Chutney recipe from BBC Good Food.

Image: BBC Good Food

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4. Experiment with green tomato recipes

Why not try something completely new and experiment with some different green tomato recipes? There are a wide variety of dishes that can incorporate green tomatoes, in addition to chutneys. From main courses such as Nigel Slater’s Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives to desserts like Green Tomato and Raspberry Cobbler, there are so many ways to experiment with green tomatoes.

We hope these 4 ideas of what to do with green tomatoes provides a little inspiration. Let us know if you have any great tips for using up green tomatoes or helping them to ripen.

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