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5 Ways to Take Life in a New Direction

By Alexandra Heep
Guest Writer

There comes a time in many people’s lives when they feel stuck and unhappy. While they long for a more fulfilling path, they don’t know how to take a new direction because existing obligations and habits intrude. Learn how to turn over a new leaf with these 5 ways to take life in a new direction.

1. Express Gratitude

Write down 10 daily things for which you’re grateful, share the list on social media, and invite others to share and celebrate their items of gratitude. This works as an antidote to feelings of deficiency and attracts people with positive mindsets.

2. Try a New Clothing Style

Trying a new clothing style might seem like a trivial or superficial change when considering a new path in life. However, presenting yourself differently on the outside changes how others look at you and attracts new types of people.

Adapting a new clothing style also lets you focus on elements that you can control. Unlike changes in relationships, finances, or career goals, this one is self-contained. You can channel this power to help shape your feelings about the part you play in society and use it to make even bigger transformations.

3. Practice Generosity

Finding ways to enrich someone’s life can make you find new appreciation for your own circumstances. You don’t have to be affluent to give daily, and generosity isn’t confined to parting with money. It denotes giving your time and talents as well. For example, you could share writing or drawing skills by leaving cards or pamphlets with inspiring pictures or poems in random places.

Generosity includes volunteering, but you don’t need to find a soup kitchen. For instance, use special skills or talents to teach at a library or school. If you know someone who is struggling with health issues, help them clean, cook, or run errands. Don’t wait for people to ask for help, offer it.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature, away from anything man-made, gives you a break from societal influence, expectations, and trends. Here you can ponder how insignificant these become in the grand scheme of things. Observe how dozens of species of flora and fauna co-exist in harmony in small areas. Perceive how each contributes to a greater purpose, and apply that concept to daily life.

5. Change Your Social Circle

Evaluate people in your life, and ask yourself if they encourage and motivate you. Devote yourself only to those, and let the ones who depress you go. Focus on attracting those who are well-adjusted and supportive of your new ideals so that you won’t doubt yourself when moving into a new direction.

Dissatisfied people often wait for external factors such as success, money, or recognition to change or improve before setting out on a new path. Since waiting for these circumstances to develop a certain way can have a negative impact, embrace the present. Use what you have learned today with these 5 ways to take life in a new direction to turn life into a more positive direction.

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