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6 Tips for Adding More Light To Your Home

During the winter months, getting as much light as possible into your home is essential.  

Do you suffer with SAD?

It can be very difficult to manage the symptoms. As the evenings are beginning to draw in and the days are getting more gloomy, finding ways to manage SAD becomes an important issue. It’s all to do with LIGHT.   We know that getting out into the sunlight is helpful, however overcast and cold the day might be.  So how about getting the maximum amount of light into your home, providing a continuous top up of light to compliment your daily walk? How do you get more light into your home without carrying out expensive building work?   How do you make the windows that you already have in your home appear bigger and provide more of an impact?

6 Tips For Adding More Light To Your Home

1.  Remove any net curtains from windows. If you are very overlooked, use window dressings that have minimal decoration or embellishment and keep them clean – net curtains get dirty very quickly without being noticed.

2.  Make sure curtains can be drawn all the way to the edge of the window.

3.  Remove all clutter from window sills and from in front of windows. If you want to add decoration to the sill, use ornaments that will reflect light.

4.  Decorate in whites and neutrals – that includes flooring.

5.  Use mirrors to reflect light and use them everywhere – stand them on the floor and on shelves as well as on walls.  Also use them in your garden, angled so that they reflect light into the house.

6.  Use daylight bulbs in the rooms that you spend most of your day in.

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