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Benefits of Simple Living: 7 Rewarding Aspects of Living Simply

Whenever we think about simple living, we have a tendency to give attention to things we can easily see. We think about decluttering and donating. We celebrate clear countertops, uncluttered shelves, and tidy desks. While all those things are essential and worth celebrating, that’s just the start of simplicity.

The most rewarding benefits of simple living aren’t always visible, and can appear just a little vague until experienced. Once evident though, they can be truly life-changing.

7 invisible yet rewarding aspects of living simply

1. Under-reacting

A simpler life permits us to look more closely at our response. When things are too active and complicated, we get lost in a reactionary lifestyle. We say things we don’t mean and blow things completely out of proportion. Whenever we have time and energy to contemplate before responding, we can answer properly from a thoughtful place, rather than a fight or flight mentality.

2. Lifestyle

When we reduce commitments and obligations, and eliminate common stressors like credit card debt, unfulfilled careers, and hurtful relationships, we’ve allowed ourselves to take better attention of our core.

We can find the time to take a nap or for writing and being creative, space for meditation, or perhaps a straightforward practice of gratitude.

3. Better health

Even without changing our diet or working out, simplicity can lower blood pressure and decrease the threat of disease. Stress can result in migraines, colds and even auto-immune conditions.

If you’re fed up of feeling unwell and fatigued, simplify your life to aid your very best health.

4. More meaningful relationships

It’s hard to get the best out of any relationship when we are constantly connected to our computers and phones. Our imaginations are full enough, and when we add tiers of digital information, it’s easy to reduce focus during a simple chat. Unplugging gives us a quiet platform, allowing us to pay attention and fully engage.

5. Hope

After experiencing some of the advantages of simplicity, from enjoying a  superior liveable space, to growth in our bank account, we are more hopeful and open to new experiences and possibilities. A simple life is a hopeful life.

6. Increased freedom

Whenever we aren’t tied to technology, engaged in overreacting or feeling unfulfilled and tired, we feel the joys of freedom. We make smarter decisions, and enjoy lives we have wished for. Instead of aiming to live up to a typical path that someone else set for us, we are free to be exactly who we are. That’s freedom.

7. Benevolence

When we free up resources, need less to be happy, and also have the time to think about what we care about the most, we are simply more loving, caring and giving.

These unseen benefits of simple living become completely tangible, and they are the secret behind being more with less. Only a taste of the inner workings of a simpler life inspires us to go after even more simplicity. We naturally want less of the meaningless products and even more of what really matters.

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