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Here’s Why Decluttering is So Good for Your Mental Health

Have you found yourself feeling edgy, unhappy, rushed, unproductive or just not quite yourself lately?

Maybe all of the above? Try taking a look around your home. Is there chaos lurking around every corner? Are your shelves overflowing, your drawers packed to the top and your cupboards bursting at the seams?

Perhaps it’s time to think about letting go of a few things and doing some decluttering. 

People who have too much clutter in their lives are often anxious, frustrated and feel out of control. All of the things that are going on in their lives mixed with the physical chaos, creates an environment where it is difficult for them to just sit back and relax, process the day with enough space to replenish physical and emotional reserves.

There is an old and relevant saying and it goes a bit like this:
“Problems stick to clutter”
In essence, if you have a nice clutter-free table and a clear path through your home, problems will slide right through and out of the door.  If you have a house full of clutter, problems will get stuck.

6 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Home

1. Decluttering doesn’t only have to mean that you clean out your home for more space. It could also mean that you are also creating more space for your mind.

2. The act of decluttering has a way of generating fresh energy, creating mental and physical space for more clarity and allows you the chance to release some of those negative vibes that you have been holding on to.

3. According to experts, the things that you leave undone can be your own undoing. Additionally, it is said that clutter adds stress and wastes precious time, mostly because you have to spend so much more time searching for things. The act of organising gives you more time and more peace of mind.

4. An attachment to clutter can be cause for embarrassment, stress and even depression. This is most important to mental health and more importantly your soul. Every time you start decluttering and see a more simplified room or empty shelf, you feel more at peace. And before long, you want to get rid of even more things!

5. A home reflects the person and all those who live in it. Tidying up and decluttering may not be all that needs to be done. Having too much clutter around the house may signify a deeper underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It may be something in the form of a life-altering occurrence like grief, loss or some sort of trauma. For a healthy mind, body and soul, you have to determine what role clutter plays in your life. People usually hang on to material belongings for security and comfort, but sometimes letting go of the emotional baggage that comes with all those material things will allow people to enjoy more quality of life.
6. As you declutter your home, not only do you get to clean up and create more space, you also clear your mind of all the stress that comes with it. Decluttering can become a big task if you are not willing to make the changes in your life that need to be done. Stuff has psychic weight, and decluttering will make you feel lighter. Clearing out your house creates that amazing effect of being able to think more, have a calm mind and soul to embrace everything else that is going on in your life.

And don’t think that you have to do it all at once. You didn’t store up that clutter in a day — and you’re certainly not going to be able to get rid of it all at once. In fact, doing so can sometimes become painful and overwhelming. 

So instead, start with just one shelf or one drawer and go through that. Or set a timer for 15 minutes and finish as much as you can in those 15 minutes. And if you still feel good after that, restart the time and do another 15. 

Take it in baby steps and make sure you get the clutter out of the house in a timely manner as well (whether it’s to the bin, charity or a car boot sale) so you don’t find yourself trying to take anything back.

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