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How Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Can Benefit your Health and Wellbeing

Written by Angie Porter

In February this year I felt depressed. I’d just returned from a fluey 3 weeks in Oz to land straight back into a stressful job working for someone on the wrong side of crazy. My relationship felt under pressure and I’d lost my mojo between school runs and folding washing. I knew things needed to change. I’m now feeling back in my body and the energy that had been lacking for years after having children is finally returning. Much of this I put down to apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Even though my diet was pretty healthy and I did moderate exercise I still felt run down most of the time. My afternoon sugar pleasures were keeping me going.  I was addicted to sweets and biscuits every afternoon.

Then a friend came to visit me in Dorset from London. We went on a tour of the local cider farms. One of the sheds sold apple cider vinegar and my friend got really excited.

“Organic, unpasteurised and with the mother” she declared!

I raised my eyebrows. We were here for the cheer, not looking for someone’s mother.

“It’s really helpful,” she said “for all sorts of things”, she went on.

Oh yeah? I had nothing to lose and for less than a fiver I bought a bottle. Returning home I put it on my desk and the next day I added it into my water bottle. I didn’t really think anything more about it except come 4pm I wasn’t at the food cupboard looking for a snack. Hmm. Interesting. Feeling focussed. This is new.

The benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar

The cessation of sugar cravings continued and to my complete surprise I didn’t even feel like eating sugar. I felt more attuned to my body. Almost like a screen had been lifted. For the first time in years I felt that the nutrients I was eating were actually being absorbed by my body.

“I’d gotten off the roller coaster of lethargy and sugar hits and I felt hope.”

ACV with “the mother” contains a probiotic live enzyme which works naturally with your system to restore good bacteria. This is essential for a strong immune system. Probiotics also restore bowel flora and improve liver enzymes.

I know this sounds a bit too good to be true but within 48 hours I really felt like my eating was back in my control and what I chose to eat made a difference. I’d gotten off the roller coaster of lethargy and sugar hits and I felt hope. I had found something low cost and easy that could make a real difference to my health.

I didn’t always get around to juicing or gymming everyday and I’m getting too old to feel guilty about it. Apple cider vinegar is easy and whilst some people don’t like the taste, you can always add honey or something that you do like. If you think about it like a medicine and water it down, it tastes no worse that the white wine I had in Greece last summer.

ACV balances out your blood sugars and allows your digestion to settle, aiding and detoxifying your tummy and intestine to receive nutrients as it breaks down food. The result: regular bowel movements just for starters. It also helps me to sleep better as it generally calms your digestive system.

Friends have reported success with ACV in stopping IBS, feeling bloated, skin conditions and a general improvement in health. Long term users swear by the health benefits. “I never get colds” is a commonly expressed benefit and long term users say they would not be without it.

Tip: If you can’t get a local apple cider vinegar make sure its at least organic and unpasteurised and buy it from a health food shop, not the supermarket!

I don’t think the benefits of ACV can be overstated. If your body is a car and food the fuel then ACV is the oil. It not helps your body run smoothly and it also helps gain maximum efficiently from the food you eat to fuel it. So by the end of 2018, I had a new car body free from addictions and lethargy. I also ditched the stressful job in the summer and prioritised joy but that’s another story. Bring on 2019!

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