Flowers on a white dressing table

How to Add Your Signature to Your Home

We all have a favourite colour or flower that brings us joy just by looking at it. However, when it comes to updating our home, we don’t necessarily want to decorate every room in the house with that colour or pattern. There’s an easy way to spread your favourite colour throughout your home without it taking over.

Adding Your Signature to Your Home

A really easy way to bring joy into every room in your house is to use the colour or flower as a signature in each room.
Choose objects containing your favourite colour to spread throughout your home. A picture, a table runner, a scented candle or bouquet of silk flowers, will all add your personal signature to a room, without overwhelming it.
Having your signature in a room will ground you to your space and be a focus point that calms you in times of anxiety.
By consciously placing your mark in each room, you create a space that is a sanctuary and completely yours, whatever is going on around you.

Accessories and ornamental objects can also easily be replaced and moved to different locations if you fancy a change.

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