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How to Have a Good Morning: 5 Tips for a Better Morning Routine

Some of us can jump up out of bed in the morning and 30 mins later, look like we’re ready to parade down the catwalk  Sadly, this is indeed a minority of people. The remaining majority range from those who manage to get out of the door with matching shoes on to those who eventually give up and leave the house in welly boots.  OK, so the welly boot scenario may be a slight exaggeration but for most of us, mornings are a struggle and a better morning routine is much needed.

If you start the day under a cloud, that cloud will follow you throughout the day.  Mornings should be spent gathering your energy for the day ahead not spent exhausting energy and gathering stress.

5 top tips for a better morning routine and ultimately a better day

1. Set out your clothes the night before

If you spend an inordinate amount of time in the mornings looking for something to wear, this one is for you.  Think about the following day, even check the weather. Then lay out your clothes and fill your bag with everything that you are likely to need.  If you have children, get their clothes and belongings ready too or encourage them to do it themselves.

2. Visualise the day

Before you go to sleep, calmly visualise what the following day is going to look like. Think about the logistics of everything that you need to get done and imagine yourself dealing with any problems that may arise.  Once you have done this, tell yourself that everything is done and you do not need to worry about it – this will promote a better night’s sleep.

3. Set your alarm for 1/2 hour earlier

This will give you time to wake up properly. Don’t hit the snooze button. Open your eyes and listen to the stillness. Stretch out each part of your body and relax it.

4. Do some exercise

Get out of bed and do 7 minutes of exercise – dancing to the radio, marching on the spot, using the exercise bike that is currently being used as a clothes horse.  Just get up and get your blood pumping.

5. Eat breakfast

It’s definitely the most important meal of the day – do not skip it.  A breakfast of 300/400 calories will set you up for the day and keep your metabolism going.  It also stops your body from going into starvation mode, so if your are trying to lose weight, this is essential.

Try implementing some of these tips for a better morning routine and see how they can transform your day.

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