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Making an Extra Income: Ways to Make Yourself a Quiet Income

In this age of the gig economy, everyone is creating a career or making an extra income using specialised websites. We have collated the websites and ideas that do not require you to get on a bike and deliver takeaways. In fact the things on this page do not require you to move far from the sofa!

6 Ways of Making an Extra Income

1. Sell Your Junk

eBay is the obvious choice but it’s a lot of work to upload photos, pack and send, especially if you have a lot of sales. Try Gumtree or local selling (Marketplace/Facebay) sites on Facebook. Selling locally means that buyers will come and pick up the items from you.

2. Use a Cashback Website

Before you make any online purchases, first check to see if you could get cashback from a cashback website befor you checkout. Two of the most popular are Topcashback and Quidco.

3. Change Your Utility/Credit Providers

Don’t just auto-renew and stick with the same companies for utilities and credit – shop around to get the best deals and easily save yourself some money.

4. Rent Out Your House For Film and Photoshoot Locations

Production teams and photographers all need locations for their work – your home might be just what someone is after! There are a variety of agencies you could look into working with e.g. Good Spaces.

5. Do You Have Spare Storage Space?

If you’ve got some spare space, perhaps in your garage or loft for example, you could rent out the space to people who are in need of storage by using a website such as Storemates.

6. Room for More Cars on the Drive?

Parking in certain areas such as in city centres and close to major transport links is in high demand. You could try renting out your parking space to earn some extra income e.g. with JustPark.

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