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Maria Hocking Tells Us How to Dress With Happiness

Written by Maria Hocking  

The way that you look isn’t as important as the way that you live. As you dress with clothing every morning, it’s also possible to dress with a smile!    

How to Dress With Happiness

  The way that you begin your day can have an enormous influence on your feelings for the rest of the day. What you may fail to recognise, is that your mood is easily affected by the words that you are exposed to upon waking and rising. The minute you wake to a radio alarm, you hear words. Turn on the television a short time later, and you hear or see more words. A quick glance at your Facebook page and you are exposed to more.  

If a radio alarms wakes you with news of tragedy and woe, then you are unconsciously absorbing negativity. Add some breakfast television to the mix, full of more bad news. Throw in a social media feed polluted by friends who seem to wallow in self pity! How likely is it that you will groan instead of grin?  

You have the power within to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Just a few simple changes could positively impact your morning mood:  

– Instead of radio news, why not choose to wake to a favourite upbeat song that makes you feel truly alive?

– If watching television whilst eating your breakfast is a must, watch a programme that makes you laugh.

– If you find your social media feeds polluted with toxic words, choose to block the posts of certain individuals.  

Ensure that the words that you wake to are wonderful, and enjoy the smiles and happy feelings that result!  

UK Life Changer, Maria Hocking is a coach, speaker and author. Passionate about changing lives with her heart and her words, she is walking talking proof that what she teaches works. Using knowledge gained through her own personal challenges, she enables others to not only unleash their potential, but find true happiness. 

Her book Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness is available now.

Strip Naked and Re-dress with Happiness book by Maria Hocking

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