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The 8 Best Foods for Glowing Skin

There is no magic wand to stop aging.  Why would we want to? All we really want is to look and feel healthy.  So, as we are what we eat, here are the 8 best foods for glowing skin, that will help to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.  

The 8 best foods to eat for glowing and healthy skin


Do you believe that avocados make you put on weight due to their high fat content? Well, think again, as those fats are super healthy. In reality, adding one avocado a day into your daily intake actually reduces cholesterol levels and supports the skin renewal. That’s not all – avocados provide your body with vitamin Coleic acid, omega-9 fatty acid, potassium, antioxidants and folic acid. Like you need another reason to love them! Say hello to soft, supple, hydrated and radiant skin.


It’s all about the Berries. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and cranberries are all loaded with antioxidants.  They delay cell damage and can reduce joint swelling and pain. They also improve the elasticity of your skin  


A fine vegetable which is helpful in protecting the eyes due to it’s beta-carotene, vitamin A, protecting the skin from photo-aging or premature wrinkling and UV rays. Just eat them raw or juiced but avoid overcooking carrots, as this reduces the amount of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Citrus fruits

A perfect source of vitamin C and folic acid, citrus fruits help to lower cholesterol and uric acid in the blood. Drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to help cleanse the colon, detoxify the body and add a little zing to your day.

Dark chocolate

The perfect sweet treat with tremendous health benefits due to it’s antioxidants – flavonoids help to save skin from UV damage, fight free radicals and hydrate the skin. Choose dark chocolates with 75% cocoa to give you the real antioxidant benefits.

Olive oil

Not just recommended for a healthy diet, olive oil is also perfect for your skincare.   A rich source of alpha-linolenic acid, which keeps your skin hydrated and toned, preventing early aging. Apply a few drops of olive oil around your eyes at bedtime for beautiful skin and don’t forget to add it to your salads, soups, bakes and stir-fries.


Filled with nutrients, tomatoes are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid. The lycopene contained in tomatoes is a strong antioxidant which protects the skin against UV radiation and promotes skin elasticity.

Oily Fish

These types of fish, including salmon, tuna, anchovies, and turbot all contain Omega 3 fatty acids which help cell regeneration and keep cholesterol low. They are ideal for skincare as they reverse and prevent the age-related oxidative damage.

Try to increase your intake of these 8 foods to bring a healthy glow to your skin throughout the year.

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