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The Editor of LQM Says: Making Noise is Good For You…

Written by Margaret Bligdon-Boyt
Editor in Chief

Yes it’s true, I do tell people to make a noise.

Living quietly is as much about peace of mind as it is about living a simpler lifestyle.
The greatest threat to our peace of mind comes from stress.  Life is stressful.  By choosing to live more simply we can eliminate a certain amount of stress, but we are not immune to it.

We all know that stress can have a damaging effect on the body, so getting rid of it as soon as possible is essential.

Here is my noise formula for restoring a quiet mind

1.   Breathe

Take a deep breath and blow the air out very fast (a bit like labour!).  It helps if you can visualise the stress or the pain leaving your body.  The brain is a curious thing and it is entirely possible to trick it into thinking that the pain has gone or that the things causing you stress are not a threat that need a physical response, such as anxiety or a headache.

2.  Yell

When we hurt ourselves physically, we tend to cry out.  There is research that proves that if we yell out when we hurt ourselves the pain disappears faster.

If you have a condition that causes you pain regularly, try vocalising that pain when you feel it (I use a loud hum).  It may unsettle your family at first but they will get used to it.

We need to do this for unseen pain too.

Shouting at a tree or standing on the shore and yelling into the crashing waves are the more romantic methods of releasing stress and worth a go.  Closer to home hitting a pile of pillows with a rolling pin will work.

3.  Talk

Whether its talking to your friends or talking to a therapist, the power of talking is very powerful.  Do not suffer in silence, find an outlet.  If you cannot speak with those around you and therapy is not an option, call one of the free services such as the Samaritans.

4. Sing

It doesn’t matter if you are stressed, in pain or just having an off day, singing brings joy back into the day.  Physically it gets your body online and all your systems working, especially if you sing really loudly and add some dancing for good measure!

*When she isn’t editing the magazine, Margaret is a practising holistic psychotherapist, specialising in helping people with chronic illness and pain.


Toni Gaylor
23/08/2018 at 7:02 pm

I shall certainly be using these techniques when I'm going through a tough time. Pain is horrid and I'm willing to try anything to help alleviate at least some of it. Wise words from a wise woman x

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